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Art And Music Fundraiser For The Free Medical Clinic Of Greater Cleveland

February 4th, 2009

Art And Music Fundraiser For The Free Medical Clinic Of Greater Cleveland

Artists Give More Than Inspiration

Friday, February 13, 2009!

Waterloo 7 Gallery and close neighbor Beachland Ballroom have teamed up to create an art and music fundraiser for The Free Medical Clinic of Greater Cleveland. On Feb. 13th, sculptor and gallery owner Jerry Schmidt, along with over 10 other artists including Fine Art America artist Katherine Fernie, will donate a piece of art, sculpture, or hand-made jewelry to the Free Clinic.

The donated pieces will be on display at the Beachland Ballroom and raffled off at 8:00 before the show. Across the way at the Waterloo 7 Gallery, even more art will be on display, and 10% of sales will go to the Free Clinic.

On the Beachland Ballroom stage, artists that play-to-raise include Oldboy, Sparrows & Arrows, Tastycakes, and Beardo Bandini. Tickets are $7 at the door for this all ages show. The bands play 9 to midnight, and the nearby gallery will stay open for an hour after the show for an after-party...

Waterloo 7 Gallery Reception Was A Success

January 18th, 2009

Waterloo 7 Gallery Reception Was A Success

The reception for the new show at the Waterloo 7 Gallery on Saturday, January 17 was a success. Many people braved the cold weather and the snow to come out to the reception. This large, multi-room gallery at 16006 Waterloo Rd in Cleveland opened a show featuring several artists in a range of media from large, metal sculptural pieces to tiny palm-sized paintings to hand-painted stemware and jewelry. The mix of artists and styles left everyone feeling satisfied and there truly is something there for everyone.

The current show runs through the end of February. The Waterloo 7 Gallery is across the street from the Beachland Ballroom on Waterloo Rd. near East 152nd. Contact gallery owner Jerry Schmidt at (239) 293-9548 for gallery hours.